Should I stay and work things out or leave?

So I started dating my current boyfriend. But first off let me explain the whole situation. My best friends brother was living with me and we also dated for 2 weeks nothing came of it and we decided to stay friends. Ididnt kick him out because he needed a place to stay with his child ccustody heating coming up and the extra money was helpful. Once we broke up. There was no sex and he actually got back together with his ex girlfriend. I've known him for years so it wasn't weird.. well when I started dating my boyfriend I didn't tell him about the whole situation. But my boyfriend brought up that he wasn't comfortable with me having a guy roommate. So I told him because I hated not being completely honest. Well we almost broke up because I lied to him. We are workimg through it now and he is second guessing everything in tell him. Should I stay or should I leave.. it should be noted that I have moved into my own apartment . Are things going to get better or is it doomed. I care about him very much. Please help.


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  • He's insecure and overreacting. Many guys and girls live together that aren't in a relationship. Even if you dated the guy for two weeks, it's not a big deal as long as you guys are mature about it.

    You could try to work things out but he's going to need to learn to trust you, even though you lied. If he can't, then move on. He probably won't ever trust you again.

    If you do move on, then make sure to tell the truth from the start. It'll save so much headache and drama from happening.

    • So you don't think that he will ever trust me? Yes I figured that out I just didn't think it was a big deal until he brought it up and then I was afraid to tell him. Then I started to feel guilty so I told him. I just don't know because I love him. My heart is saying work it out but my head doesn't know how to or if it can.

    • I think he will if you give him time and be truthful from this point on, even if he's not trusting or second guessing you.

    • Ok I understand its gonna take time. Thanks you were a lot pf help

  • Well his reaction is obviouse and since you already know that you should give it a little time. It could be difficult for him to digest that you are living with some guy you were used to date. But he just got that news so think positively and try to make him understand. And u've also moved into your own appartment so it'd be helpful to your situation. Stay.


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