Confused by my crush's actions and how should I approach it?

Ever since I left my ex-gf and my Facebook relation status updated as, single (about 8 months). I noticed my crush increased her activities on my social networking page. She started to have frequent likes on my posts. Initially, I thought that she was just being nice and reciprocated her effort back by liking and eventually commented on her posts, she responded.

Several months later, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and eventually spoke with her via Facebook conversation. She was a nice lady to talk to and we grew closer after-which. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers but we brought our conversations from online to mobile texting. On several occasions, she had helped me to resolve multiple major crisis that I faced by providing proactive research results and solutions. We even chatted about events that happened during our college days and present days.

Just last week, my best friend; Daniel and our friends surfaced a claim. Daniel claimed that he noticed I have being texting my crush repeatedly. To reinforce his claims, he even showed me all my Facebook posts (back dated 8 months ago till last week) – the frequent likes and our interactions (myself and my crush). Eventually, I showed Daniel and our friends, the exchanged messages between myself and my crush.

My friends concluded that I had being struck by cupid’s arrow. They claimed that when a lady uses lots of emoticons especially “wink” and “brush”, “!”, “haha” and frequent spamming over text conversation are signs of flirting. The most obvious sign is, when she was at overseas, she replied to my messages immediately when she returned. My thoughts were that she’s just being nice as it was me who always started the conversation with her.

I decided test the claims. I texted her and enquired about her relationship status – asking if she has a boyfriend but she claimed that she has a boyfriend. When I further enquired if she would go hang out with me, she replied – sure with *wink*. Even when I decided to end the conversation and claimed that I will chat with her some other time, she replied positively with *brush*.

From my perspective, I decided to leave the matter alone, especially now that I knew that she had a boyfriend. Over the past few days, we did not communicate anymore and our interaction on Facebooks discontinued since that day.

I am confused by her actions. Should I continue to interact with her? And what was she trying to convey all along?

Thank you.


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  • Just ask her if she wants to go out sometime. Just the two of you, she'll know it's like a date. If she likes you, she'll say yes. If she isn't interested she'll politely decline.


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