Is he interested in me? Tell me what you think and what I should do? I will pick best answer!

Sam works for my dad's construction company for 4 months. He always stared at me, and so my dad said to me that Sam liked me. Then Sam and I started texting cause he asked for my number and I got his when we were at a party, and he was really flirty with me, and bold. I texted him though, and we would just text funny, goofy, casual texts. Then Sam started to ask me out, and I rejected him a lot cause of my cousin and my friends saying that he is a bad guy, and I didn't want drama so I declined his offers, which I feel reall yreally bad about cause I like Sam.

I noticed the texting slowly decreased, but when me and my brother would go to parties Sam was there and he was casual with me, but then at the end of the night he would try and kiss me, and I was kinda mad at him cause he flirted with another girl, so I let him kiss me on the cheek. He said "I love you" weirdly to me and my brother. He called me a couple of weeks later to let me know his wallet was in my car, and he said "I love you" multiple times when he was on the phone with me, and then when I saw him in person he said "I love you" again and tried to kiss me, but again I didn't let him, just on the cheek.

Then I noticed the texting stopped, the trying to take me out stopped, and he just didn't talk to me. My dad asked him to a concert, and at the concert he was awkward with me and that is not Sam! He was talking about other girls though and more engaging with my Brother. Then when me and Sam were alone he was very flirty with me, and putting his arm around me etc.

Then a couple of weeks later my Dad invites Sam with me and my brother to a baseball game and Sam wasn't really talkitive with me. He was nice, but not really engaging with me. Me and Sam got drunk at the baseball game, and he was more talking to me. He said "Wanna makeout?" I laughed, because my bro and dad were there and that was awkward, lol! He kept putting his arm around me, and he was flirty. Then we get into the car, and all of us were conversating, and he said "I couldn't believe you were Bob's daughter. I was like is that yours?" I didn't know how to take that, lol! If that was a compliment or not? Anyways that night was really fun, and the next day Sam texted my brother, and my dad, but he didn't text me? He also came over my house to pick up a pay, and he barely spoke to me? I am confused if he still likes me? Or is he doesn't? What should I do to let him know I like him? I want to give him a chance, so I am not going to listen to my cousin and friends anymore, but I think I blew it, idk, tell me what you think, and what I should do, and I will pick best answer. Thank you! <3 one love.

Oh I forgot to add that he stopped saying I love you to me, lol! I feel bad though cause I don't know if it;s because I didn't go out with him? Or if he is thinking that it's the boss's daughter? And usually you can't date the boss's daughter.


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  • 1.) You're a hot mamma. 2.) Yes he probably likes you.

    • Lol! Thank you! I appreciate it! :) haha. <3 one love.

    • I don't mean like all butterflies and giant purple yoshi kind of like, I think anon girl is right he is probably playing you.

      If he really liked you like that he would step up.

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  • You "blew" it. He was fickle to begin with. You won actually, but he's gone.

    • Thanks for answering but what do you mean by I won? Can you go into detail? I didn't want to reject him, it was my friends, and my cousin, who were telling me to not go out with him and it was causing drama, so I had to reject him to not upset the applecart. I came to a conclusion that I have to figure it out myself, so now I do want to go out with him, but I just don't know if he is interested anymore :/ <3 one love.

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  • imo he doesn't really like you, it's like he is just playing you :(

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