Should I specify what I want in a date or let him do it his own way?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 months. We are together almost all the time day and night. His family was in a really difficult financial situation so he stayed with me so if he can find work in my area and I could take him since they sold a a couple of their vehicles.

Recently things really picked up for the family. Literally in three days they went from hotel hoppers to homeowners. My boyfriend has a vehicle and his family is stable.

Lately I feel bored, as most of my spare time is dedicated to his house. I enjoy hanging out with his family and they seem to really like me, but its getting my mundane. I kinda feel like a prop because he'll be busy usually working on his bike or helping out his dad and sister's boyfriend with their bikes.

I just wanna be surprised. To be romanced. I'm am not sure how to bring it up because I don't wanna sound needy and I want him to do it because he wants too. I feel like I gave up a lot for him and I know he treats me well so I am not sure if I'm just bring excessive.

He talks about having money and money is just paper but I know he's anxious now he has some cash. His current job and him aren't working out so I'm not trying to push my desires. But it'd be nice to have a nice romantic date night.

To sum it up, should I bring it up to him what I want in a date night (because he wants to take me but I think he's just buying us dinner.) or leave it be because there are more important stuff he is gonna deal with because of his falling out with his boss?

I don't want him to drop bills for me. I just want him to research something himself and be confident in knowing ill like what he chooses because he knows me well enough. I don't wanna be asked "what do you want to eat" because I always ask him that and he really never knows so its usually left on me.


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  • did not expected more amd do not tell about any thing other hand you meet with flowers and lovely gift. he is also impressed with you . for this you can choose floweraura

    • I'm sorry can you reilliterate? I told him in the beginning of our relationship I don't expect anything, but now I have this unjustified nawing feeling. I've never been taken out with flowers or anything by anyone if that's what you mean.

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