Girls, does she like me? confused

im about to be a junior in high school, she is in the same grade. and I have had a huge crush on her since 6th grade. I'm pretty outgoing but I turn really shy and nervous around her.

i stepped out of my comfort zone and I asked her if she wanted to hang out, she said ok! and then I asked her if she wanted to go to starbucks (she loves starbucks) and she hasent responded since. and I don't know if I should keep texting her after that because I don't want to see really desperate.

PS. she has an iphone so you can see if she read it or not. and in the last 2 texts I sent her it says delivered but I'm pretty sure she turned it off just to see the message. what are your thoughts girls :(. and anything I can do to improve for me to get in a relationship with her? thanks!


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  • She could be playing hard to get... some girls, especially around your age LOVE being chased and having a guy beg for their attention. (if she's popular than this behavior is even more likely to go down). Or perhaps she doesn't know what she wants at this point and is feeling 50/50 about you. Unfortunately one thing is for sure, you'll have to keep trying if you want to know. Eventually the truth will come out. Just be patient, when you see her around school greet her and act friendly but don't text her all the time. I'd suggest waiting for a while before you send another text. Wait till you actually see her and talked to her in real life again. Also it's totally normal to be shy around your crushes, it happens to everyone! But keep in mind that this is really the only way to get somewhere and if you really want this girl you'll have to suck it up and go for it, even if it's hard.


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  • Some girls can be as blind as a guy when it comes to relationship wise. She may not even notice that you're trying to get one on one time with her unless her girl-friends pointed them out. In this case, she can either feel like you're boyfriend material or a bro. If she's the type of girl that dates quite a few guys, then maybe she's trying to get you to chase after her. But if she's not, then I think she's finally realizing that you like her. That's why she's trying to give you some space to hint to you that she's not interested. You can try again? Maybe coming forward with her? Try seeing if she likes/interested in anyone right now?


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  • I don't really see why she'd say OK and then not respond after you mention Starbucks. Maybe she does like you and was hoping for a serious date, and then she got disappointed because Starbucks seemed to casual to her, making her think you only wanted to go out as friends? I'd send another text and say something like "or somewhere else maybe?"