What kind of mad psychology is this?

Ok ladies. So I started chatting with this person online about 3 years ago. I helped her through some rough spots by chatting and/or talking through the phone. She fell away from online for a long time, then recently popped back up on my end.

She knows that she had hurt me from last time. So now she is asking me if it is OK and if I will be sad if she starts dating her brother's friend? (She is in Colorado and I am in South Carolina)... She has the tendency to jerk me around whenever she can, so I don't think anything she says to me seriously.

But why would she need my approval for something like this?

Entertain me with ideas ladies.


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  • She doesn't. She just wants to play with you, like a cat plays with the corpse of a mouse it has no intention of eating.

    • Morbid response in nature... But I like it. It describes the situation perfectly. Like I said, I'm not taking her seriously now after what she did to me last time...

      I confronted her with it and let her know how I felt, how she made me feel from last time... I told her to do what her heart felt was best and to please leave me out of it. I then asked her why she keeps coming back to me and to stop it - she did not have an answer. It was tough to do.

      Thanks for the advice everyone.

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  • She misses her orbiter.

  • I don't think I understand the situation will enough to have an opinion. Of course you realize she doesn't need your approval.