I am in a muddle about what to do about an guy.

So I am 27 I been around the park about dating. But I get so anxiety, about if a guy likes me or not. Here I am again Miss Anxiety again. I been liking this one guy for a while now but I been dating other men and so what. When I break up with a guy my head goes towards his direction. We are not friends more acquaintance. He owns a restaurant my whole family goes too. When I first see him I was wowed by him. still kinda am. with my grandfather being old and made an mistake in his restaurant. I went up to apologies and he kinda bite my head off, not because of that but because of how I was saying sorry and how he needs help and he doesn't want to get it and so on. I made him a cheesecake and they all love it but he hasn't really talk to me since. His family loves me ex his ma. even the regulars, that are close to him, that go there always try and talk to me and get to know me. he comes out when I walk into the door but doesn't say a word. I watch him and he knows that I do, he looks up at me and I turn my head. He is Greek I know this cultural is very different from my polish and irish roots. any advice in how I can get his attention or take it to the next step. or just advice in general about this man?


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  • Having anxiety should not hurt you as much since you are a girl


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