Girls: What makes you not meet a person you replied to in online dating?

A person messages you and you read his profile and reply to him. What would make you not meet him if you initially replied? Did you just want to converse? Would it be something he said? Is the thought of meeting just too scary? I need input. I follow a 5 message limit and avoid girls who just want to converse. I even put not to message me if they only want to chat online to save me having to deal with girls who just message on the site and never meet up.

I always know no reply means no thanks. I would rather that than a reply with no meet. So I'm looking for reasons girls don't meet other than them just wanting attention which is very common with online dating.


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  • i hnave no idea.

    i feel the same. I have guys asked for my # after more than 5 msg. yet never call. we also seem to share a lot ...oh well

    i don't know why some people act the way they do.

    i do meet guys, but now I feel bad I meet so many and they all want to take me out more. so I reply nicely no and good luck.

    but many people are not serious, not mature and hard to weed those out.

    on the other hand, many guys want only sex but says they want a serious relationship on their I am learning.

    good luck to you


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