First contact after date?

I had THE most amazing date of my life the other night.

I met with a man who I used to see several years ago (it wasn't our time then, we had ended things amicably). We just reconnected, EVERYTHING about the date was wonderful. He wined and dined me, treated me like a Queen. My worst fear, that I'd have nothing to say, turned out to be the best thing. There were many moments of silence where both of us couldn't take our eyes off of each other and couldn't turn off our smiles. The date was everything from intense discussion to light-hearted talk to lying on the couch just barely touching and feeling content. It extended all the way to the next morning and he said this was an "old LOVE story". (We have a lot of good history, but never really fell deeply in love before)

He said at the end that he really hopes we can get together again. We kissed and I leapt into his arms for a hug twice. I couldn't muster any other words between my grin than "thank you".

I know he's going to HAVE to see me again. It was too good not to, but I'm wondering if a little encouragement from me would be a good thing or if I should just give him a chance to percolate on his own before calling me.

My gut says I should just send him a nice text telling him that I had a great time.

Am I right?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah deff send him a text, if I were him I'm pretty sure I would know you enjoyed the date and a text from you would really be nice!


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes send him a text. If he is wanting the same thing as you then he will respond positively. If the text only leaved you wondering then maybe it's not a good sign.