Need to step up my game with women.

know for a fact that my game & flirting ability are weak, because I always end up in the friend zone or just get rejected. On top of that I don't know when a girl is being friendly vs interested. So it comes down to what the hell do I say and how to ask a girl out (the other dates that I have gotten I felt that I got lucky, which never got anywhere past the third date). Trying to figure out how to stop getting approach anxiety and nervous when I am going on dates with them.


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  • You could just do the natural thing and stop attempting to consciously flirt with women and let this kind of thing develop on it's own.

    "What? But why blackkid? Surely I just step up my game and ..."

    End up with a string of poorly chosen girlfriends that you faked interest in who faked interest in you ( because it's the hip thing to do ) that you find you can't stand in any way other than her tight wet hot crotch?

    Spare me.

    Just relax, anyone you pick up through a natural method you will be nervous about when you do the official dating thing, and because they got to know you some prior to this happenstance, they will understand, and likely be nervous too, because that's the joy of those "butterflies", which is a euphemism for terrible queasiness.


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  • Just be natural. Practice. The more you go out with girls the less conscious the effort will be.


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  • Well, you're getting dates already at least... so you must be doing something right ;)