Is he interested in me?

*John* and I met in university and we became good friends. He Then Graduated and went back to hometown (same as mine) two years ago while I stayed on for graduate school.

For the first 3/4 year, we communicated daily and he visited 3 times (8hr flight). During those visits, we seem to draw closer emotionally to each other. Eye gazes, accidental touches, Whispers...these were significant signs for emotionally repressed, nerdy people like us. And then he went back and I didn't hear from him for the remaining 1/4 year...he never replied my messages after I questioned him about a girl (who turned out to be just a friend).

Then when I visited hometown for 2 months, we started hanging out again. We enjoyed each others' company like old times...very dose, but barely flirted.

On Valentine's (l was back in uni), I decided to make the first move by texting 'Happy Valentines' and he started warming up to that by sending love songs, articles etc. And then stopped...althoug he hcknowledged my texts briefly. We don't just texts. And both busy with school and work.

Anyway, I told a close mutual friend that 'John and I ane more than friend'. This girl (known to be nosey) told him I said we were in love...and he replied by saying that I'm crazy.

I'm curious... what on earth is he thinking and what should I do?


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