why does he text me out of the blue?

Like weeks go by then he texts me out out of the blue. We used to talk, hooked up once, even said I love you to each other but I realized that was probably just game and he was seemed to still be hung up on his ex, even though he denied it.Anyways I could feel him losing interest so I left him alone without a fuss. I just stopped contacting him and he didn't contact me.

Weeks later when I moved on he found out and "acted" a little upset and said he would leave me alone (which he'd already done). Now every few weeks he texts me out of the blue. Why? I Haven't initiated texts in like 2 months with him

  • He's a pirate and looking for Booty.
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  • He's Bored/Lonely/
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  • He Misses Me.
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  • He's having problems with main girl/one he really likes.
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  • Always always bored or lonely.

  • His reasoning could vary but it depends on the availability of those about him. You are probably not the only person he does this too; it's habitual and in line with attention seeking ( for whatever purpose ) behavior.


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