Why she starts to take a long time to reply to my texts?

This has never happen before, she usually replies my text quite fast. But now suddenly she replies after like half a day with only a few quick replies in between. Before this things have been going fine. I just gave her a birthday present and she likes it. P.s. she is not my girlfriend and I just ask her to the prom and she said OK but still haven't gave me a definite answer yet. What's going on?


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  • How long is piece of string? it really could be anything from she is just busy to she felt like things were going to fast to she likes someone else to her trying to play it cool and not talk to you too much since you asked her to prom. Just curious: how is her saying "ok" not a definite answer? sure it isn't the "I would love to" you probably want but if I did really like a guy and he asked me to prom I would probably play it cool by just say "ok" and if she thinks of you as a friend she probably doesn't think it needs to be defined any more.

    • Well she said she would see if her friends are going first. ha ha

    • haha interesting... hmmm... it's so hard to say, because everyone is insecure in high school even if they don't show it... the best I can say is take it easy, being pushy is more likely to push her away... hopefully you can just play it cool... also I just considered this, I'm not sure when your prom is but it is probably far off and she doesn't want to say a definite yes just in case things don't work out and it ends up ruining prom as well... good luck xx

    • you are right! its still far off. Thanks

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  • Talk to her in person or at the very least on the phone. We don't know her or anything about the situation. If she's constantly stand-offish then she is trying to be nice but isn't interested.

    • thanks for the advice, but we have been texting for like more than half a year without she behaving like above, could a girl that is not even remotely interested in a guy do this for such a long time? Plus, whenever I talk to her in person she is all smiles and sometimes when she sees me in college she just suddenly laughs or have a huge smile.

    • Perhaps she is just friend and has friend zoned you. Now she think you are interested in more so she's being stand offish. I don' though, like I said we dont' know her or anything about her, you know her best. So you need to communicate with her in person and find out what she's thinking/feeling and tell her how you feel.

    • thanks again I will do that

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  • You're asking a bunch of strangers about a person none of us know. Humanity is doomed.

  • One word my furry friend "clingy"