Is it strange I'm not really interested in 'White' guys anymore?

I've been through the dating world I guess...I'm Asian - feel as though I am less and less attracted to Caucasian guys. I have friends in all races but I had some bad experiences...

I hate to stereotype what my preferences are now. I still believe that there is bad and good in every race. but I feel more and more disappointed...the first boyfriend I had physically assaulted me, the few after that , well used or cheated on me. I have my but I feel less attracted to him.

I wonder if there's a psychological term for this. I know every one has their preferences but can it just be that I have had too many heart breaking experiences and rude encounters with males of this cultural 'background' or ancestry?

I couldn't date anyone for awhile because I was hurt pretty bad. My current guy is very loving. but I sometimes wonder... are people better off dating within their race? I am also tired of some stereotype that I'm 'submissive'. I am far from it though- personally I know my strengths but...

Have you guys ever stopped liking anyone because of the experiences you had with a particular group...again and again disappointed you till you were turned off by them?
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I don't need a lecture on extrapolation of traits. I would appreciate it if peeps just actually answered the question...thanks. sheesh.
Is it strange I'm not really interested in 'White' guys anymore?
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