Ex showed up to a place I once suggested he and I go on a date? Ouch? Or does he still like me?

This guy and I were dating for a bit over a month... it wasn't long, but it was just getting serious when he texted me that he needed a break.

Turns out, he's dating other people!

I texted him back a bit after he wrote me. I was bummed to be honest because I had finally really started to like him. I told him about this cool event he'd probably be into...

Sure enough, 2 weeks later he GOES to the event! With a date! I was kind of shocked, flattered and horrified all at once? We didn't run into each other. I was in the members area and he was walking around with her. They made several laps though.

So weird! I'm not sure what to make of it... I mean, should I be offended?

She was a tall, cute, skinny, nerdy blonde... totally his type too :/. They weren't holding hands... and he wasn't smiling... so I have no idea how it was going. He held my hand on our second date... and we were kind of always laughing and smiling... so I have to wonder!

I'm just shocked that he went. Totally shocked. I knew he'd be into it... which is why I suggested it... but I figured he'd want to go with me... or something... I don't even know! I felt kind of bad seeing him with another girl... but she was a lot better looking than me. ... Maybe her personality sucked lol.

But really... what do I make of this!?


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  • You should be offended. There is nothing to make of it other than a passing typhoon and temporary rage. Get mad. Get it out. Get on with life.

    • So I shouldn't take it as he was thinking about me when he picked that place and was hoping to run into me?

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    • There you go. Do it again. Win twice; there's more of him than you realize.

    • probably. gotta find him though!

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  • I'm not sure that he still likes you, but what is there to read into? Do you want to get back with him?

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