Bf had naked pic of a girl when we were dating.

Hi I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a few months now.

I'm starting to doubt our relationship. He was previously a player and he told me that he has changed since then, that there's more values in life that make his life more meaningful and he won't do anything to hurt the people he loves anymore.

When we were a few weeks dating back then, I was going through his phone in front of him. Then he's like stop. I think there's something inside that may piss you off. And later I got to know that it's a pic of a naked girl. Why would a guy like him keep such pic, he deletd it right the next day in front of me.,when I brought up the topic.

He said it was ah is buddy's girlfriend that was cheating on his buddy and that she sent him pics like these. Those pics look intimate though like how a girl would send it to their BFs. I'm worried now as I think I may have trusted him to much.

He said that his friend and him fought over what the girl did and his friend turned against him. But in my mind, it's definitely will happen if you hv an affair with your buddy's girlfriend. He said he kept the pic cos he was going to threaten her but it didn't happen.

Does anyone have any idea what kinda guy he is? He looks really decent outside, with very good manners and very educated, now I'm thinking of what's happening, I'm worried and a bit freaked out..


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  • Well I mean it's either

    A) he's lying

    B) he's telling the truth

    You know him better than anyone on GAG can tell you. Trust your instincts and think things over, don't do anything rash. I don't know if that's something you should break up with him over without any other details but you know him better than I do

  • You can change the game, but you can't change the player.


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