How to read male body language

Apart from lots of sensual kisses and cuddles before and after sex. How else would you express your affection? Does relaxing while watching TV together counts? even if you are not cuddling and focusing on TV?


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  • Guys don't express emotions the way girls think they do.

    If a guy truly wants to express his emotion, it will require a conscious effort. But the thin is, girls will see this as "fake", when there's really no way to show it.

    Proximity is what you need to look for. Does he stay with you in bed for hours after sex? If so then that is appreciation.

    • He stays in bed for may be about 15 mins? And then we would go out. Come back more sex and then cuddle more and then sleep. But when we watch TV he didn't cuddle me

  • Kisses and cuddles sounds positive. Being able to relax around you is also a good sign. Does he laugh at your jokes or act silly and playful around you? these are also things to look for

    • Not silly but he has lighten up

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