Guy I am dating seems to ignore my calls?

I have been talking to this guy for a couple of months now on and off. He seemed like he was really into me...then he disappeared for a month, then recently called me again...said he was in a car accident and he lost my number as he does not memorize numbers that is why he has a cell phone. He only said he remembered where I worked at and left about 4 messages for me to call him...which I thought was weird. So I called and received his voice mail, left him a message...he called me about 4 to 5 times then I called him and things were great again...then he disappears and does not return my calls or text...I don't want to appear desperate by calling and texting...but I am not so sure what is up with this guy and it is making me nuts...he just calls, texts me like crazy and I do the same back with him...then he disappears...he told me he wants me on a serious level and a family...and unfortunately with that factor with him saying he wants a commitment we had I feel like a dummy for not what is up with his attitude he said that it was okay to have sex and he would not have any other feelings for me but to feel closer to me on a serious level and wants to get married in the near future...I really have deep feelings for this guy and very hurt how is treating me now..I just ended a previous bad relationship prior to this guy and it seems I pick up dudes that are unavailable in the end...opinions? anyone? especially from the I am in love with him...also feel I may be pregnant...and if so he won't call me back to talk to me..again I do not want to keep calling and texting him to call me as it is important...I do not want to say HEY I'm PG if that is the case...he also tells me he cannot talk long on the phone because his battery on his phone is low and does not maintain a one day I got upset with him and asked him if he was playing me for a fool because he seems lately to come up with only concern is a baby may be on the way and how to deal with it...haven't told him as he isn't calling me he said he was going to call next day and has not...what should I tell him?


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  • With the guy calling you so much it doesn't seem like he is on that "player" mark... now keep in mind that doesn't exclude him - (Hang on) reading more! - He is definately playing a mind game to keep you wanting more... Out of what works vs what is "right to do" (with an exception if your pregnant) play a mind game and ignore his punk ass for a week ;)...

    I have been in a situation where it is ironically similar - me calling non stop, then we stop talking - lots of texting happens, then we talk some more.. start to hang out... she wants me, but won't talk/call me... then out of no where she still wants me but disappears? I haven't talked to her for 2 weeks and she still calls me hun and sh*t.

    Now the #1 thing to watch out for would be the fact of him being a player/pimp... these guys are tricky, for instance (relating to my story above->) The girl I like ended up doing something with one of my brothers friends at his house... I'm playing quiet like I don't know anything and I'm waiting to see if she will be truthful about it - cause my brother has nothing to gain from it and for the 19 years I've known him, he only lies about video games haha..

    Well... in short - play with him a bit and see if you can find out things

    - Is he busy with school?

    - is he doing something sweet for his mom

    - did he move on to another girl and end up playing you

    - does he just want to keep you around for comfort

    - are you just reacting harshly?

    Think on it, see what you can come up with... DO NOT UNDER ANY MEANS talk to his friends- cause if nothing is happening he will find out and then its done for sure - at least it would be if I was the guy.

    Peace and good luck~



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  • When they is a SLIGHTEST opportunity of having sex.. BELIEVE me guys will say WHATEVER you want to hear, especially if the girl wants a relationship.

    I think you are a guarenteed lay, he only comes back when he is horny.

    PPPPPsssshhhhhhh he lost his phone, battery not strong BS. probably telling you he has to ring you because his phone has no good signal.


    If you suspect he is cheating, HE IS CHEATING.

    DO NOT EVER COMMUNICATE WITH HIM, and do you honestly want that guy to be the father of your child.

    You have the same problem that lots of girls have when they sleep with a guy too soon. What the guy is thinking "NOT RELATIONSHIP MATERIAL" because if I can get it, other guys with far much game than me can get it too.. so gosh How many guys been there done that? F**k her, I don't want her, she can go on her business, at least its guaranteed booty.

    You don't want a guy thinking this about you.

    Understand I'm on your side...


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  • You should tell him goodbye. This guy is playing you and you're falling for it lock, stock, and barrel.

    You say you have deep feelings for him, but think about it - how could you if you don't know him that well? You have deep feelings for a relationship - especially since you've just gotten out of a bad relationship. In order to have what you want - a serious relationship - you're blinding yourself from the cold hard facts. He told you what you wanted to hear in order to get into your pants, his actions do not mirror his words, he's paying less attention to you because it's obvious that he doesn't have to work for your affection, he doesn't care about how you feel - because if he did he would keep in touch with you.

    You're not in love with him, you're in love with being in love. And from your track record, you're pretty much willing to let any guy fill the position of being your boyfriend. You're not giving the relationship enough time to fully develop, or yourself enough time to judge the type of guys you're dating - how can you make a proper assessment if you don't have all the pertinent information. Like is he a jerk? Is he capable of loving me?

    It isn't worth giving your all when you're the only one giving. You are left depleted and broken - take care in choosing a partner. You're heart is too precious to just toss it to anyone willing to catch it.

    As for your possible pregnancy - don't turn this into a drama. Take a pregnancy test first before making any announcements to him. If you're wrong, you're just going to come off as an attention grubbing drama queen. And if you're right, then he's just going to have that much more time to run away as fast as he can while you're waiting for the right time to take a test.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the feedback to all of you ...really helps me to make a good decision