Mixed Signals. Interested or not?

I met this guy a few weeks ago. I felt a connection with him and we really hit it off. He asked me for my phone number and we have been texting on and off ever since.

I'm a little confused by his actions (or lack there of.) He rarely ever texts me first, but when I text him first he always responds quickly, or apologizes if he took too long and he sends me really long texts (as apposed to one word answers.) He also sends me a lot of winky and happy faces in his messages. We seem to have a lot in common and get along very well.

We are both really busy, as we each work full-time. However, I am used to guys asking me out on dates or to hangout, and he hasn't done that?

I really like him, and I would love to take things to things up a level. However I am afraid that he isn't actually into me and just being friendly. How do I tell? And how can I subtly hint to him that I like him?


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  • Just ask him out on a date.


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  • I was in a situation similiar to yours, and ended up wasting my time. Ask him if he would like to meet up, and see what he says. If he comes up with an excuse and never attempts to really ask you out after that, then move on. Next time, call and see what happens. Texting is okay, but when you first start talking to someone, in my opinion, I think it's a good idea to have a phone conversation because it's a bit more personal.

    If you are the one sends text first majority of the time, that's a sign that he MAY not be feeling the same way you are.