Is he trying to tell me that it's over?

My ex and I had spent the whole summer talking on the phone past midnight, going out and laughing until our stomachs hurt. We always confide in each other and we trust each other. But, we never said we were dating or a couple and we haven't even hooked up. Last time we dated, he broke up with me once school starts and I'm worried that it's happening again, even though we're not dating. The thing is, he went to a party and hooked up with another girl, about a week ago, and hasn't even texted me since. We used to talk every singe night. Not a day had gone past this summer until a week ago when it suddenly stopped. What should I do? Is he just gonna cut it off like he did before?


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  • I would say don't fall for his tricks again! He sounds like he just want to come and go as he pleases because he know you'll always be there. Yes, it does sound like he'll break it off again. Maybe he's using you during the summer so he can keep himself occupy/entertain until school starts again. Do you think it's really worth it to try it again? Does he really care about you?