Needing some serious advice for College dating!!!

so I did something that I know most of my friends, family and users on here will think I'm a complete idiot for doing buuuuut I got into an Official relationship about two weeks ago with a girl I had been dating for about 2 months. All is well and she's the best girl I've ever been with but there's a minor (MAJOR) hiccup in this happily ever after story. I LEAVE TO COLLEGE IN 20 DAYS (sept 1). Now I know I know many of you may think well just break up with her you'll meet someone at school, problem solved. I already have a huge red X through that plan so don't even think about it :P I spent my whole last year of high school grabbing every ounce of courage I had to introduce myself to this girl, get her number, befriend her and finally ask her out. She is truly a rare girl, one that id be really surprised to come across again in my lifetime so I'm sure she is who I want to be with. I'm leaving to college while she's going into gr 12, We have talked about me going away already and she assured me that she is all for trying to make this work and obviously I'm all for it too. My college is only 40 min away from my town and I will be living on residence. there's buses back home every day and I play to make a trip back every one or 2 weeks and she's going to try to come up the same. The one thing I really worry about is that this is a new relationship and we haven't really had time to gain full trust in each other. With us being in separate towns and me especially living on residence I'm sure it will do wonders for our imaginations when we get lonely. So I was just wondering how I could reassure her that I'm loyal and want her and only her while also recieving reassurance from her that she will be loyal and everything. sorry for the HUGE story, but your time and opinions are much appreciated :)


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  • Dude, I've lived this story and I'm sorry to say it doesn't end well. Does she know she's going to go to the same school as you when she graduates? Because if not, you should just pack it up now. I believe you'll be faithful in college. Heck, you had a tough time introducing yourself to this girl in the first place, which suggests you'd have to put in major effort to even have the opportunity to stray at college. Plus, you're going to be a freshman guy, so pretty much at the very bottom of the social order in college. The freshmen girls (especially the attractive ones) will be getting plenty of attention from the upperclass guys, meanwhile the upperclass girls will be more likely to look at you as something they found on the bottom of their shoe than as a potential hook-up or partner.

    So that part's fine, but what about the home front? Well, you know your high school, so you know what guys may or may not be into your girl and who she is or is not likely to go for. Honestly, this part shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially if you can come back for big events like prom and what not.

    But should she end up at another college, I think your odds of success are not very good at all.

    • I have a two year program and then I have a job lined up for me right out of school in potentially any city I would like. She's doing grade 12 and then working for a year after to help pay for school which means by the time she goes to school I'll be done my course and starting to look at which city id like. I already know what university she's going to and it's in a major city. So if It did last till then we would most likely be able to get a place together, I work and she does school.

    • I get that the odds are so slim that Its not even worth the energy to think about even trying. But I don't want to give up such a great girl because of a 40 minute gap. I know that it's a lot bigger of a gap that it may seem but I think even if we don't end up together that our relationship will be good foundation for relationships to come and a good learning curve for us both. Time spent learning life lessons will never go to waste, it's shapes us into who we are and how we will be

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