Trying to contact him a different way, good or bad idea?

Recently I've been chatting to someone I know, but who lives in a different city over summer, all day everyday via text. I didn't know him all that well beforehand, but for about 1-2 months we've been chatting pretty constantly. It's been a bit flirty, but there's also been like a 'deeper' bit to it, like having serious conversations as well, and he seems like a really nice person.

His phone has (apparently) been going dodgy, and it kept stalling his texts for hours, which he apologized for. Anyway, he hasn't answered in a week, and I sort of double texted him (I know, I know, breaks the texting rules)

So I'm wondering if I should add him on Facebook or just leave it? He has my surname but its hard to spell and my first name is ridiculously common. I was thinking, if he's ignoring me, he'll ignore that too and I won't loose anything. Or if his phone is completely broke, its a way of talking still. Any advice? Good or bad idea?


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  • good idea and have you tired calling him?

    • No, not tried calling him. Never phoned him to be honest. Plus, I think after 2 texts and a Facebook ad, calling him might seem overly desperate? I don't know haha, I am a bit of a loss