Is it worth trying to chat again?

A bit of back story. So in May I chatted to a girl on pof we swapped Facebook details and kik messages. I'd say we chatted for maybe 10 days into June before we kinda gave up. You know how if something's casual you aren't to bothered about losing contact, it was that sort of thing.

Well on thurs I was out clubbing when I saw her in front of me at the bar. It had been two months since we spoke and we hadn't met in person so I didn't say hi as I didn't think she would recognise me.

So I get served, go back to my mates and there a new kik message from her saying she wanted to say hi but wasn't sure if I remembered her. I said yeah me too haha. Well we flirted that night and I went home with her and didn't leave until 7pm the next day. We had fun and spooned a lot and did say I'd leave if over staying my welcome but she like my company.

So my problem is when I did go home she said she'd text me late. So about 10.30pm I sent a text going how the babysitting going. Now because of kik I know she read it but didn't reply but I also know we were both shattered on Friday.

Is it worth trying to send a jokey text maybe try start some banter? ugh hate that word haha. As I'd quite like to hang out with her again.

So I sent a message that involved a little in joke about how she's a softy but gives impression she's cold and hard. It got a ha ha thanks how's you back. Replied to that and started and new conversation. And she read it and didn't reply so I'm now thinking she probably doesn't want to chat


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  • Many times I will check a message from someone but am unable to give the time I want to carry on a convo... so I'll reply later. 7pm... so around 12 hrs you spent with her? Did you leave because you said you had to OR did she have something to do? If she was waiting for you to leave and dropping subtle hints? Spending that much time with someone both (literally and figuratively) "over night" may have eliminated the "leave her wanting something more" aspect... So did you leave her wanting more of you?

    • She had to go into town to pick up wages and I had to leave to get home so it was a good time. I wasn't to aware of her wanting me to leave. She even took a bath for 40 min while I was still in bed.

      Hmm well I thought it end with a literal and figurative bang.

    • No 7pm was a good time for me leaving as she needed to go into town for wages and I needed to get my lift home at that time.

      Ha I like to think I left her wanting more based on a couple things she said.

    • I would call. Don't text. texting is too easy... puts forth NO effort. I'd call.. if she doesn't answer, leave a message; You've put the ball in her court.

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  • The fact that it says "read" doesn't mean she actually did. Why don't you call her?

    If she spend all day with you I would say that counts for something. If she wasn't interested she would have kicked you out ha ha

    You don't spoon with just anyone lol

  • yea sure it is worth it. gd luck!

  • yeah, I say just chat with her, she's probably not ignoring you, just busy.

  • Hmm. Try to pick up with a line from your last convo.

  • You met her while out randomly that is so funny lol

    Anyway, you should wait a few days and then text her so you don't seem clingy.

  • touch base with her here and there...dont bomber her is better.

    have fun

  • ew I hate the word "banter" too lol

    That is definitely an odd turn of events that you ended up seeing her out. While it's not necessarily a good sign that she didn't respond, she was babysitting and might not have been able to? Even if she could have and didn't, you spent the whole day with her and she said that she'd text you. If she wasn't interested, she would have kicked you out sooner (lol) and wouldn't have suggested contacting you again.

    I say definitely contact her again.

    • Yeah I made it clear I was okay with going anytime but at ine point she was dressed but crawl back into bed.

      When I was at hers she is clearly addicted to her phone that's what makes she reading my message and not replying put me off texting again. You know you don't want to be that "eww guy tht doesn't take a hint".

      Yeah I hate banter but it seem everyone likes a bit of banter haha. I think I'll send one more message and she don't reply ach well it was a nice night of passion haha.

    • I don't think you're even close to becoming the "guy that doesn't take the hint." You'd have to be persistent for weeks with her ignoring you lol and you're definitely not that.

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  • Too much drinking and babysitting in this story to figure it out