Ladies/Men 18-21 - What would be..

What would be the best way to approach a woman within this age bracket?

I am 19 - a lot of my friends call me extremely photogenic, I'm 6'2 165 lbs with hazel eyes. Quite honestly I was a rather shy guy in the past, and I've been having some friends help me. The biggest problem is that all these friends that help me - want me to be a "player" in the sense that when you get the girl, you leave her... its ridiculous and I'm rather repelled by the idea.

My mother taught me to respect women which makes it a lot harder than the people that don't care about life in general.

Any tips off of what I've mentioned would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to further advance my confidence so that some day I can actually approach that girl that may treat me how I want to be treated!


ArtistBBoy aka Kyle


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  • i know I'm not 18-21 but I know what I want and I have a lot of friends in that age bracket.

    a gentleman. we all go crazy for a guy that will open the door for us or let us borrow his jacket

    confidence, there isn't anything more attractive than a guy who likes himself and is willing to go out on a limb.

    being genuine. something I hate is being showered with compliments, when I know that the guy is just trying to get something, or sound good. either you say what you mean when you mean it. or don't say it at all. (i.e. you look pretty today v.s. your body is the envy of the must be a goddess.)

    dont play games. like your friend said, with the whole "when you get the girl leave her". <----- that right there is just plain stupid. doing stuff like that does not make us want you more, it makes us feel sad betrayed and we will probably hate you. also it does not make you look good because, we will tell our friends and they will think you are a jacka$$ too.

    hope this helped, don't worry about it, listen to your momma she knows what she's talking about. and listen to what you think is right.

    • Thank you for the input aliba ^_^

      With everything you said I am a match, but I don't do like my friend with the "when you get her/leave her" - I do have a problem with marriage commitment at this point in my life though, but I wouldn't walk away I would much rather talk it out.

      All in all - I appreciate the advice. I still have a few more questions; Why do women enjoy the "bad boy" type? Is it the thrill or something of rebellious types or what is it?

    • Cause they wanna have fun now

      they don't want the nicet typical guy

      they want a spur of the moment

      spontaneous guy

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    Period forget it, because moms only teach guys to be wusses be "nice" let her win etc.

    If getting dating advice, listen to your father, afterall he got your mother (a man marries his mother..meaning you marry someone like your mom). Meaning father actually teaches your how to get your natural ideal partner.

    Anyway, date have fun, don't be pressured by your friends to date or dump someone.

    If your friends are players then probably their techniques will work on your dream girl, meaning copy them.

    Advice I guess just go out to uni bars or hangout and just talk to anyone who is by themselves. Like "Hi.."

    • Definately, thanks man - your advice is like that of what I've heard but coming from another man that I don't even know I guess ill have to take their techniques and incorporate them into my personality.

      Do you think it would be better to not care (ex - Her: "My mom and I got into a fight" You: "I have a goldfish" Her: "What?!?" You: "I thought we were talking about stuff that doesn't matter")

      Or be like "Dont worry about her, just blow it off" then act like you don't care. sh*t dude I don't know hah

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    • Only way to get over someone is to get "under/over someone.." ;) from

      Stay away from girls with confusing signals, they just playing games. BELIEVE me your game will grow.

      MOST girls are very good at playing games some without even realising it... So build your game.

      I don't know where I read it, probably here but someone once said learn to know who is single without asking... I expanded learn to know who is about to dump the

      HAVE FUN!!

    • Thanks for the help man, keep it real!