She lets me kiss her on the cheek but won't kiss mine

Silly question. A girl I have gotten to know always without asking lets me kiss her on the cheek :-) but won't kiss me on the cheek. I am not sure what to do. She has kissed me on the cheek before sometimes 2x or 3x Is this bad?


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  • Maybe she is shy to kiss you on the check. How does she react when you kiss her on the check? :)

    • Thanks for the response :)

      Well she hasn't kissed me on the cheek in 2 months or so. She always does when I get jealous she kissed someone there and will say look at me, look at me and If I refuse she gets all in my face <3 then she'll kiss me on the cheek until I smile or look at her.

      When I kiss her on the cheek she smiles or she does it always when she hugs me she turns her cheek and leaves it there until I kiss it. Then sometimes she'll do it again or if I point at mine she puts hers.

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    • maybe she likes you so she is shy to you. :)

    • When she hugs me she immediately turns her cheek. Guess that is a kiss me here and nowhere else :(

  • i think she's just shy. my boyfriend before we were boyfriend and girlfriend kissed me on the cheek all the time and I would never kiss him on the cheek. even now I don't really, I kiss him on the lips but not the cheek really.

    • Can I ask is there a reason? Me being inexperienced with girls is it you feeling trust with him before you 2 dated that you always let him kiss you there? Thanks so much and did you kiss other people on the cheek but not him? I appreciate your response :)

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