Am I playing it too "cool" with the guy I am dating?

Im a pretty laid back girl. No drama.Ive been seeing a guy for 2 months. Things are going great and I want to keep it that way.

Sometimes I think I am being too laid back, maybe play a little too hard to get.

He is the one who always calls me, I've initiated calling maybe 3 times. I reply and everything so I'm not ignoring him.In the beginning he didn't know that I was interested because I never called him.

Well now he knows I like him because I have been dating him

I hope by this point he knows I like him. I Haven't verbally told him.

Does it sound like I am doing things right so far or should I be doing things differently in showing him I really like him?


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  • If things are going good... What's the problem? If it ain't broke there is nothing to fix.

  • Seem like he knows being that your dating so yea your doin things right