Does he want a relationship or a fling?

Ok. So we met when I joined the band. He's the drummer. I had no clue how he felt about me until he sent me this text saying that we should hang out sometime, just the two of us. I agreed and this last week we did. We spent the first half talking and the second half making out... when we drove off, he put his arm around me and held my hand, then stopped again and so that he could kiss me again. Just before I got out of the car, he told me to text him when I got home and kissed me goodbye. When I got home, I texted him saying that I got home safely and he sent me a text back saying that we should do that again. We have been chatting off and on and when I asked him what attracted me to him, he said that my personality attracted him to me. So, he's kind of a bad boy, so what do you think? Relationship or fling?


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  • He may just be into a physical kind of thing, from the sound of it. Or maybe he does want a real relationship, you just never know. You shouldn't only text him, you need to talk to him on the phone if anything or you'll never have real conversations. Texting is fun and easy, but just not the right thing for a relationship. You never know how he is feeling and he never knows how you are feeling through the texts. Look for signs with how physical he is, if you barely talk and spend all your time together making out then that's not good. I don't know if this helped you at all, but hopefully it did haha

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