Friendship might end

Ok so I meet this girl on meetme and we hit it off well but she was sick and had to leave early so she dropped me off back home I tolled her to text me whenever or message me on the site so I gave her a hug and left out then after the day I messaged her on meet which was Sunday on Monday I ignored her on meetme or no text since I heard of this stupid three day rule when suppose to text a girl and now today she is not answering me I sent her two messages on meetme but I she hasn't responded yet. So should I text her or leave her alone for a couple of more days I don't want to be needy or sound desperate so what should do and is she giving me the cold shoulder?


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  • Maybe she's using the three day rule? It's a tricky balance...neither side wants to seem too desperate but you don't want to seem uninterested either. Don't rush to conclusions yet...give her some time.

  • Maybe she doesn't use her meetme anymore or maybe she still does. Leave her alone for a little bit more.


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