Hey you miss me? Text that he sent me days after we hung out..

I don't make the first text or call ever. But I really like him. I can't've believe he finally takes to me days after we hang out. I didn,'t reply and he still haven't. How come he has not called or texted again. I have not replied to his question!


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  • You are over thinking this way too much, in his text he was just being playful and was trying to flirt with you. Of course he has not texted you back if you did not respond to him. If you did not answer him he most likely thinks you are not interested. So if you want him you better reply soon.

    If you want to see him again just tell him so.

    • Your good! N right.

      I jus thought maybe he b asking jus very little begging for me

What Girls Said 1

  • Are you serious? I hate when women do this. How do you expect him to know you're interested especially after Meeting up. He doesn't read minds!

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