Should I show up to were she works after canceling the date on me?

We've never met but she told me where she works, so would it be alright to show up where she works (retail establishment) and bring her flowers just so she sees I'm really interested?

She "volunteered" to work for a co-worker who had to leave out of town on short notice.

Was just three days prior that she asked me what day I would like to do something with her. I have a good feeling about this girl and she seemed genuinely up until today when she told me that see had to cancel. If she can't make the first date is it alright to bring the first date to her? (flowers, a face to face meeting and a hello) Just to show her I really would like to date her...


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  • I think it' very sweet... I'd just have the flowers delivered.I have heard many... Many people say that bind dates cancel last minute. You don't know if the story she told you was true or not. Plus... And I don't know why... But girls LOVE having them delivered by a company over the guy bringing them.

    • So you don't suggest a "Say Anything" John Cusack, Ione Skye moment with the boombox over my head approach? Lol!

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  • I'd say no you'd scare her off. I'd call or texted her the next day

  • No too forward.


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