What do i do? help!!!

I have a boyfriend and for the past two days I been mad at him because he has this girl he always text,they work together and been knowing each other for 2years now but that's not my problem,my problem is I know she likes him but what I don't know is if he likes her or not because every day she has to text him,complaining about stuff.we all work together she's HR she works in the mornings and me and my boyfriend work overnight,I don't want to be selfish because she was there before me but I tried and I don't like it,it kills me and even before me and my boyfriend got together I never liked her because she's very mean to people and don't know how to say hi,she thinks she better than everybody.on Sunday morning she texted my boyfriend and all day they were texting until I got mad and he showed me his phone and I saw how she keeps complaining,saying how she don't like this person or that person or how she wants breakfast in bed and that got me really mad and I haven't talk to my boyfriend since than he tried apologizing and I told him he knows what he did and now he is mad,he's not talking to me so I don't know what to do,should I go talk to him and oppolosize,I love him I don't want to lose him.do I tell him to choose or.. What do I do?


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  • It seems like she does like your boyfriend. Or if she is a mean girl, she's just doing it to annoy you. If you're going to be with this guy, he needs to tell her that texting once in a while is OK, but that its really not appropriate all day every day. If she had a boyfriend, I'm sure she would not appreciate it. He needs to stand up for both of you because it is his friend. He doesn't need to stop being her friend, but the constant texting should stop.

    • Well she doesn't know were are together,that he has a gf,nobody at work knows.but I told him that before that there has to be a limit to her texting all the time and we had a understanding until she started asking him why he changed because he don't say hi and bye anymore and he's text messages are short and he always has the need to explain himself to her and these days it started again he would Text her back and when I said don't do it he waits until I turn around to do so...it's very frustrating

    • Well, that changes things with no one knowing you're dating. Maybe he could just tell her that he has a girlfriend, but not name names? Perhaps he likes the drama. Are you two still not speaking? He really shouldn't be upset with you over his own behavior. Or maybe he is mad because you would not accept his apology. I would give it one more sincere try and if he is still not trying to compromise, then perhaps it is time to move on. Good luck!