Guys, would you date a girl who needs medication?

Ive been going to therapy for almost 5 years and I overcame panic attacks without medication. However, she told me recently that I have continous obsessive thoughts that won´t go away unless I take medication. I´m really afraid of trying it because I like natural things and remedies, I don´t like things messing up my brain. However, I´m willing to give it a try. The obsessive thoughts have to do with diseases that me or someone in my family may get.

I´m a normal girl and everything and only people who know me really well know that I have this deep annoying fear, so unless I tell someone about it they don´t notice.

I´m single right now, but I´m worried that a guy may ask me out while I´m on medication. Should I tell him? Would he be freaked out?


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  • it depend what the medication for , if she had like an STD from sleeping around I'd like take a pass if that's what she needed pills for . but stuff like this you don't really find out till much later in the meeting phase its not first date material or something she'd mention at bar . I suspect a lot of guys would be able to deal with something like this if they liked the girl


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  • Why not? If you are a nice girl (in the opinion of the guy), that is the fact that matters, not the medication.

  • Yes I would. You should tell him, he most likely won't be freaked out.


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