Why do people like to see movies and eat dinner on dates. you can't really get to know each other that way.

there are so many other better more interesting things to do than eat and watch a screen. I don't get it.


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  • Well movies to me for a first date is pointless because you can't really speak or get to know someone that way. That's better suited when you are already in a relationship with the person, or have been dating for a while.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with having a dinner date.

    You can have plenty of conversation over a nice plate to eat.


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  • I agree, weekened daytime dates were you actually do something together, seem to work out far better then the classical night out on the town.

  • I think going for coffee or drinks is the best for a first or second date.

    Movies are a bad idea, unless you've already had several dates together.

    • what makes movies a good date activity in your opinion?

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  • people have always bonded over sharing food,and the movies-dark,makeout spot-even though I doubt everyone just makes out on a first date,it's probably just remained a go-to spot because it was popular-for making out.

    • i think eating is a sh*tty way to get to know someone. youve got food in your mouth half the time and you're sitting which is stressful because youve got no physical outlet for nervousness or w/e.

      plus I don't like most of the foods people seem to eat so its not much of a bonding there. but mostly the sitting. I find it agitating. its like an interview. it feels unnatural.

      so other than it being popular in the past,do you like watching movies asa way of getting to know someone?

    • no,it's pointless. I don't get why just going for a walk isn't seen as an appropriate date idea,it always has to be food or activities that don't include talking. I guess people are afraid of talking,that's why one of the pointers is ''don't talk about religion/politics/future''. I guess in a way it makes people more comfortable,the food sharing also taps into our nature-we feel closer.

    • hmm.. yah I think id agree.

      id rather climb trees or go hiking or swimming or play laser tsg or basketball or soccer. at least if you're not talking you're still having fun. and you get to know people through movement not just words. I think its good to be physically active when you get to know someone. its relaxing and you get to know more of them then if you're just blablabla. plus any awkward breaks are just incorperated into the activity.

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