How should I tell this guy nicely that I am not interested?

I met a guy online, he lives in the neighborhood. I was running around doing errands. He said to meet up and I did a quick meet and ordered salad for lunch. He insisted in paying...then I had to run...We met for 2 hrs. had great conversation. He was very attratived to me. I am just dating around for now. so he continues to text me nonstop for the next 2 days..i had to tell him I am too busy to resp. to all his text...

I am now kinda turned off by all his text...jsut a bit much after a lunch be asking what I am doing... if I am with a guy and such

Even though he slow down the text... now two weeks later, he asked me out and I got turned off because he seem way to into me...

what can I do to tell him nicely I am not interested...i haven't resp. to his text for the a whole week already...


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  • Thanks for asking me out, but I have to be honest, I am really not interested in going out with you. I would appreciate if you can respect my decision. Thank you.


    That's perfectly polite. If he causes a problem with this, he is not a gentlemen and doesn't deserve your respect of concern anyway.


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  • just tell him you're not into him like that...there's no way t turn down a guy nicely. he's going to have to get over it


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  • Be blunt and honest

    • i only met him for like two hrs...then all I should text him that I met someone or that I am seeing a few people at the moment? he said we can be friends as well over lunch..but the who constant text so turn me off...that it gives me the creep feeling :(

      i think he is an okay guy ... don't know him enough after 2 hr. of meeting

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