Why do I keep shutting down in real life?

So here's the thing I'm 23, never kissed never really dated except a few dates with a few guys from online who weren't interested.

I don't know if its my look they don't like or the way I come off is just not seductive/flirty at all. But then again don't guys start flirting in person first and not the girl?

Anyway I've noticed that I've been getting more urges lately I won't lie I like watching adult stuff online and I'm really into it sometimes. However, in real life I find it awkward being flirty/seductive and I don't carry on that " vibe which I think I am feeling.

I don't get what's wrong with me, why can't I just be more flirty/forward or show that I wanna get it in when I'm actually with a guy or try to flirt with a random cute guy.

Any thoughts/advice?


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  • Hey-

    So 1.) no it doesn't sound like your looks but its hard without knowing how you look, dress, what guys your dating etc.

    2.) Girls have POWER when it comes to being seductive. As a guy we hate being turned down, that's something females share also. When you (females) give us signals that you are interested then we know that we can be flirty. But if you don't laugh, bat your eyes, touch our hand or be physical at all we can't tell your interested, so we won't want to come off desperate and may back off.

    My advice to you- don't think hard about it, don't analyze what you need to do, just do it. If your horny, touch the guy, talk a little dirty, but don't overdue it because you don't want to come off as slutty, you just want him interested. Hope this helps?


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