So on a date, when is a kiss good night ok/expected/not ok?

So ladies... what say you? You two are on a first date you kinda hit it off. So a second date isn't out of the question. This has always tripped me up 'cause, Like most guys, I'm horrible at signals from women. So what's the consensus GAG.


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  • I agree with the first Anony. dude, except the part about kissing on the first date. Kiss at the end of the 2nd date, at her door step. Then every date after that. Now, the only way I would EVER kiss on the first date would be if I was quite certain I wasn't getting a 2nd date. If she turns her head at the end of date 2, or anytime after that...she's done. Throw away the number.


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  • My general rule is that if the touch barrier is broken - like if we can cuddle comfortably - then I'm open to kissing. I usually end up getting kissed on the first or second date.


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  • ALWAYS give her a nice kiss at the end of every date, even the first one. If she turns her head or pushes away instead of enthusiastically kissing you back, it's time to toss her phone number and move on.