How to get this girls number and a date?

Okay so this week I had to go to a different gym, because the gym I am supposed to go to is closed for renovations (With my plan I can only go to that one gym). So I saw this girl introduced myself and tried to get her to smile. I think this girl is the prettiest girl in the world, originally my goal was to make her smile (due to her looking serious, well it didn't go to well). Got her name, but decided to bail out she just looked very serious and was really kind of busy. So I saw her again today talking to a bunch of guys, she came my way and we said hello happen to ask her about the music she was listening too since she had headphones on, she told me and kept going. As I was walking through the gym and happened to glimpse her talking to a guy she smiled and I was like omg, she has the the prettiest smile ever. I was looking so hard I almost ran into a weight machine. So tomorrow might be the last day I will be at this gym since I don't go Friday or Saturday nights (religious purposes). So my thing is I really want to get this girls number, but just can't seem to first off stop her long enough to even try. Also just thinking about this I am getting butterflies and feel nervous, because I am thinking (what if she has a boyfriend, or just not into me). Then on the other hand I am thinking what if she is into me and what if she does say yes and go out with me. Who knows the possibilities are endless and they are all real possibilities. This would be the first girl I would really try and take from her boyfriend if she does have one (then again is actually getting back into the gym to talk to her, since after my gym opens I wouldn't be allowed to get into the girl with the girl I really like).


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  • Well no idea when your gym reopens or what your time frame is. But if it's short maybe say, hey I'm only here because my gym is closed temporarily when I go back I won't see your pretty smile again unless you want to meet for coffee sometime and offer your number and hopefully she'll give you hers. Personally I prefer compliments on my smile and eyes etc good luck!


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