Why now, is he wanting to go further?

So I have this really good guy friend from work who is actually moving in a month to Mexico, unsure how long, he's unsure himself. We've only slept together 2 times and then there was other times he completely turned me down. Pull away in bed if I wanted to cuddle, turn his head if I tried to kiss him. All the sudden things have changed. We've built a great friendship through out all this, I know he cares about me and he knows I'm in love with him. He took me out to dinner last wknd and then I gave him his going away gift which was a classy nude calendar of me. And now he came home with me the other wk. and the sex was more love making, he kissed me in a way he never did before and allowed me to hold him through out the night. Why now? he's leaving in a month, why did he push me away for so long and now wants to be intimate?


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  • He has intimacy issues. He didn't want to get "close" before because he saw no way out of it. But now that he has a good reason to know that you guys won't get close (because of his travels) he feels safer doing intimate things with you.

    • thx RositaV for the insight, this guy is confusing. last wk he told me we probably shouldn't be friends anymore because I have to many feelings for him. for him to turn around and call me several times that wknd pickin fights with me. I think he likes to turn the tables on me when I think he's feeling just as much. But tells me he doesn't feel anything for me.

    • It takes a lot for a guy to tell you to it face that you're too clingy. Do you know if he's ever had a serious relationship ? Usually guys don't like girls who show too much affection because it makes them feel trapped.

    • Yes, he just got out of a nasty divorce 2 years ago. I'm going through one now, not nasty but moving on. We just spent the entire day together over the wknd. He took me out to lunch and we drove around taking photographs of old cars. We ended up making out before I left but he wouldn't have sex with me. I just don't get this guy. It seems he only wants to have sex on his terms. I just sense he feels more than he tells me, because he has introduced me to all his family.