Define your differences between dating exclusively and committed relationship

I want to hear people's differences here.

When people start dating I notice these things get very confused. Some people date multiple people, others date one at a time. Some consider dating exclusively to be a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario yet others call it "just dating."

Define your terms of dating, exclusive dating, and committed relationship and tell me if exclusive dating is the same or different to you as a committed relationship. Some people say exclusive dating is a stage before a committed relationship too so I want to know if others are the same way or have differences. Is it different? Is it the same?


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  • Everyone seems to define the two differently. I personally choose to be in exclusive relationships because it allows me to be committed but not bring all the things a boyfriend is "suppose" to do. As a boyfriend, media and society has made the title of a boyfriend into a job in my opinion. Your either a good boyfriend, or a bad boyfriend. Or sometimes that stupid excuse: A good boyfriend but better as a "friend".

    When I don't have the title, I can just do me. If I want to surprise her with flowers I'm doing that to make her smile, not because as a "good" boyfriend that's what I'm suppose to do. If I talk to other girls, I don't feel guilty, but I have my limits on HOW I talk to other girls.

    At the end of the day being a Boyfriend or Girlfriend is just a title to me. Does this make sense?


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  • I think they mean different things. People usually the term "dating" for the period of time when you're just starting to go out on dates with and getting to know someone. It's the precursor to a relationship. So "dating exclusively" would imply that you're still not in a relationship but you're not dating anybody else either. And although most committed relationships are exclusive, there are some that are open. So not all people in committed relationships can say they're dating exclusively.


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  • It's the same to me. Basically both mean we're together in a boyfriend/girlfriend capacity and I'm not allowed to sleep with anyone else. I could nit pick and make up some differences but it's not necessary. I was always against defining my relationships.

  • pretty much what InquisitiveMale said

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