Is sending an email a good way to clear the air with this girl as they say?

she's not a girl I'm dating or trying to date , she is friends of a girl I know and she lives in same town as me . we've been having some issues and don't really communicate well . I've tried to make nice with her and things were good for like a day than went sour again its been really frustrating . I feel I need to clear the air as they say and wrote down some solid thoughs for the message to her but not sure it do any good to send it or if she's type to just get annoyed I emailed her to begin with

I should mention I sent an email to this girl before a couple months back to try and deal with similar issues and it helped for a little bit but we seem to be back at same problem again


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  • Just make sure the email is clear and that nothing can be perceived in mor than one way you don't want her to get the wrong idea. I sent an email to this guy once and I didn't hear back for about two days. It upset him a bit but was glad I was honest and we still sort of talk, it's complicated though lols. But I would go for it, just watch what you say.


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  • Dude.. when you're dating a girl YOU never have issues..NOTHING ever bothers you. Everything is rosy even if it isn't . I don't care if your'e angry on the inside. You don't show it. You're the reason this is now a clean up case. You both are not counselors...stop acting like it with all these serious subjects and thoughts. MOVE ON, and don't make these silly mistakes again man.

    • I was never dating this girl , she is someone I know from town I live and we have some friends in common . its tough to move on when she lives just down the street from me . I do agree I made some mistakes this summer but I was going to a lot of bars and things just seemed to be good for a bit than sour after I'd do something I shouldn't of and then be good again as people have short memory

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    • well that's why I'm sort of debating what to do and if an email was an option or not . I see her around town and things are weird . I'm also friends with her girlfriend who is her best friend its odd I get along with her best friend yet we don't get along ourselves. its an odd situation I think she is upset I'm friends with her gf's and thinks I want to do sexual things with them

    • I think it would just make you seem weird, and make matters worse if you say anything. You need to act like you don't notice anythings wrong, and ignore her. That's precisely what I would do.