Girls, how long before you...

ask they guy out and pay for his meal? My dating rule is if I've taken a girl out, and paid for 8 dates without her offering to take me out which includes paying, then I figure I'm with a "taker", and I drop her.

Your thoughts?

Girls, would you please give your age also. Thanks


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  • i offer to go dutch from the first date. but the guys I've dated wouldn't let me pay at all. so I just slipped my half of the money in their jacket pocket or whatever- it's very easy lol. I want to pay for myself. I only feel comfortable being paid for when we're already exclusive and we've reached the point where we can pay for each other or treat each other.

    age: 23


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  • I never pay. That's the guy's job.

  • Sadly,alot of women just use men.But if we have been hanging for a while...around about the 8th date I would start putting some money out and paying for him.

    • Okay...well, I'd hope you might at least mention paying before the 8th date...but your comments are encouraging. Thank you .

    • It depend on what we are doing and how often we are doing things that cost money.Some dates no money is spent.

    • Yeah...obviously I'm talking 8 paying times.

  • I would start paying after about 7 dates.

    • Like I told the first answer, I'd hope if you hadn't paid by the 7-8th date, you would have at least offered to pay. Thanks for your answer. What's your age btw?

    • Im 29.

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  • If you don't offer to contribute the first few dates, I drop you. Granted, I won't let you pay but you need to at least offer to split it.

    • Easy man...first 3-4 dates...I don't mind paying. but 5-8th date...she better at least offered to pay. I prefer her to asked me out by then too, or invite me over for dinner.

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    • yeah...well, once she does offer to pay half, I always decline, and tell her...hey..I asked you I'll pay. Hopefully that will put a bug in her ear if you get my drift.

    • Yes, I am aware of what you've been saying this entire time.