Why do people try to give dating advice?

Dating and relationship experts have an easy job. They give advice on dating and relationships, give guys this advice when its not guaranteed..Nothing in life is guaranteed, but people will swear that if a guy can't get a date, they'll ALWAYS ASSUME he's doing something wrong (asking the wrong girls out aiming too high blah blah blah like women have a what type of woman

I am sign on . Women never have to worry about asking the wrong guys out .)

Never have I've heard a dating/relationship expert or a woman admit that there's guys out there who won't get a date no matter what. I know there's some guys who can't get women through faults of their own, but there's also guys who can't get them through NO FAULT of their own. And when people give advice they're always forget to consider that EXPERIENCES VARY and they are just speaking from THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE. If there was a GUARANTEED FORMULA TO GET A WOMAN SUCCESSFULLY every time, then the person who had that formula would be rich upon rich. I have no problem with advice but try to sell the crap to people like your advice will guarantee success.


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  • They believe that it worked for them for so and so reasons so they believe that it would work for the next guy as well. Whether it's guaranteed or not is asking a different question. The answer is pretty much that they use the idea of guarantee to make money if they are selling their advice or guides. For those who don't sale their advice, they simply are trying to help as well as the first point stated. The reason why people believe that they are able to even think that dating is the same thing to everyone and thus, enables them to want to give their so-called advice is because they see it as a "game".

  • Well, it's not so volatile as you propose. The reason matchmakers exist is because people functionally have no idea how to match themselves for the most part. They say what they want and don't want and it turns out they are totally wrong, as usual with most things, esp. important things. That said there are some real psychological elements to mating, as a matter of fact that's a half of relationship psychology, the other half being split between relationship maintenance and disorders that effect human relations. So generally speaking it's not anyone's fault per se, but there are very few, and I mean very, very few men I would say cannot ever date, same with women, but then again I would never "sell" the information. That's just cruel.

    No wonder I'm poor.