He's been texting less and less every day, and nothing today, how should I act?

Here's the deal, we used to text and chat a lot in the first few weeks, he'd post cute things on my Facebook, say I was beautiful, and always have conversations late at night. After we had sex, he completely stopped with the compliments and the chatting and all the attention. His texts became shorter, and we still meet once a week, but I feel like he became comfortable. Some friends say that if he didn't like me at all, he wouldn't be meeting me. But the texts, one day he would initiate, the next I would. Sometimes I would on two days, and not the other, but at some point, at least a "how was your day," would be exchanged. Today was his day off, but I didn't meet him because I had a few things to do, family related, so he's free, but he hasn't texted me once. I decided not to text to see if he would, but he didn't. For the first time in 2 months he hasn't texted me.

We'll meet each other on Sunday, we're going to the beach, this was something he was highly excited about, making plans to stay at a hotel and all that. But in the last 2 weeks, he's been evasive about it. I asked if we were going and he said, yeah, but not sure if we'll spend the night. So, it's like, no excitement.

Should I wait for him to text? I don't feel like giving into it. I feel like I'm always the one pursuing guys and I won't do it this time! But how can I go about in a way that he doesn't get too comfortable or too confident he has me?


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  • Well, I'm out of your age group. But I'd imagine it's not too much different.

    Sounds like he may be losing interest. There are a lot of men out there that, once they get sex, the excitement is over. He may still be interested, but the sex part is no longer a mystery to him.Strangely I'm kind of dealing with the exact same thing, except it's the girl who seems to suddenly be reducing contact more and more. And actually, today was the first time she didn't text me at all. I feel like she is losing interest for some reason. We also started off texting a ton and asking how each others days were every day. We also had sex and then this started happening. Crazy how similar this is actually. We were also supposed to go to the beach!

    Maybe you had sex too early? That's now ruined at least 3 potential relationships for me in the past several months. It sucks a lot, but it seems like the timing of the first sex is very important in many cases.. Which is so infuriating!

    But honestly, it really sounds like he is losing interest unfortunately. But there is a chance he is just more nervous or something. Maybe he felt inadequate in the sack? If I were you, I'd just ask him. It might bother him, but if it were me, I'd reciprocate honestly. And then you'd know. If he is still into you and you ask, he will have no problem with it. If he is floating away on you, then you'll know after you ask. When in doubt, being assertive is always the best policy in my opinion. If he doesn't like you're trying to communicate, imagine what it will be like down the road when you HAVE to communicate.

    • Thank you! It's funny that you're a guy and you're going through that. Usually guys are the ones who get bored after sex. I really thought that in todays society sex wouldn't be a big deal. But now I realize it's not OK to have sex any time you're up to. We have to pretend, hold back and it all sounds like everyone has to play a game, which it is infuriating. I'm gonna ask him if he really wants to go to the beach, and depending on the answer, I might end it. No point in being like this.

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