A guy said to me how come you never answer or text me back...

He only called once and texted few times. I do like him but chicken sh*t to show him. I do want to sex him again!

Does he like me


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  • We can't tell if he likes you - but if he does, and you're too chicken sh*t to do anything about it... it won't matter. He'll get bored and move on to someone else.


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  • If you gave it up that easily of course he likes you


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  • Even though he texted and called you a few times, it appears that you aren't taking the initiative because you aren't doing the same in return.

    He's not a stalker or desperate so he's not going to call or text 100 times.

    He's just letting you know how he feels.

    If you like someone, it's okay to show some interest back.

    Don't be afraid to text or call him first.