Any tips for online dating?

I'm currently trying to date. I decided to take a leap and try online dating sites. So far I've found the guy with a girlfriend he didn't bother to tell me about until I snooped his Facebook, the one who replies within two minutes of emailing him which gets quite annoying, and the creepy guys who stalk my profile at least once/twice per day. I'm not sure how to take the online dating world. How should I know when to meet someone online and how to take it from there. Another thing is the guys I actually do like I seem to be a a distance from me. Any tips on how to date online you guys?


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  • You need to have thick skin to handle online dating. I have had profiles for years.

    The males outnumber the females by tons. So if you look decent you'll get tons of messages. You have to simply be very careful. I've caught girls who were married trying to meet up with me on craigs before and it gets annoying. I know of people who found married guys trying to have flings before too. Just go with your instinct and try to keep it one guy at a time.

    Where I live the girls only want casual dates which makes it hard to get a relationship going.

  • Well, I've tried online dating and haven't had any luck. It could be because I always stick with the free trials so it's more difficult for me to communicate with people, and I'm rarely the first to say anything, but I'd suggest that you make the first move. Find someone you think you're interested in and send him a message, show that you're real. I feel like it's usually the a**holes and creepers that make the first move online because they know they can be someone else behind the screen. They can be more up front about what they're really aiming for without any real consequence. Good luck!


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