What does he want from me?!

the story is complicated so here what you might need to know to help me :

I broke up with the guy that I truly cared about and even loved ( we dated for 7 months ) it's been almost a month now . He made me do it because he kept on doing the same thing that I hate : ignoring my messages and not bother texting for days..

Anyway , I broke up with him several times before for the same and only reason , this one . but usually he would come to talk to me and tell me he loves me and I would get back to him but this time is different ..

when I sent him the broke up message he didn't say anything and then after 4 days he sent me few and really short texts but I didn't answer and 2 days latter he sent me pictures of places (irrelevant ) I was still mad at him so he knew it from my answers , he asked me if I found a new boyfriend I told him its not your business I guess, he said : it is ! I asked why , he didn't like my question .. he kept on texting me for 2 weeks ,in a row ,everyday and he would answer my messages right away (even when he was working , Because work was his excuse for not replying me) .. one day he told me he hit his head so I got worried and he knew it and when we were saying goodnights he sent me kisses and hearts but I just told him good night apparently you're loosing it ..he laughed and said : no not now.. the next day he didn't say anything.. after 5 days I texted him asking how he was going and all , we kinda flirted and again when were telling good nights he sent me I love you in my language (yes we don't speak the same language) so I asked what did you say ? he said : I don't know , anyway good night kissess )

and the day after he didn't send anything , I texted him but he didn't answer and it's been 3 days !and he know it makes me maaaaaad when he do it !

so why did he come to talk to me if he is going to do the same stupid thing all over again!

I still love him and it hurts when he does that !

PS: we met online , we live in different countries ,we didn't get to see each other face to face before and we only text (rarely call)

i need your help, thank you :)


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  • The better question is "What do you want from us?"

    This is about as complicated as tying your shoe; the man is bad with texting, you don't like that, and you've had 7 unstable months with him. ... Okay? I didn't mean to sumarise your post in a sentence by the way.

    • Okay thanks for you attention

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    • Psychology. It's pretty obvious if you think about it. For one reason or another he is prioritizing his work first, why? You know what I don't. You know why. Is it his dream? Is it a method to his dream? Does he have debt to get out of? Is he stressed? Is the homelife difficult? All things you know that I don't.

    • yeah he likes what he is doing , he said it was his dream but he thinks of finding another job in a couple years ..

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  • Find someone in your country who likes to text.

    • Actually I don't really like texting but it was the only option so couldn't complain ..

      Before that I need time to move on

      thanx for the advice

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  • *Applause* he did an excellent job handling this situation. He took a true player's route for refusing to be rejected, and I mean that as a genuine compliment, because very few guys are that clever.

    Honestly though, the heart of this problem is that it doesn't sound like you guys have a real relationship. You've NEVER seen him face to face?! You've never kissed him before? You don't go on dates? What kind of relationship is that?


    • Agreed.

    • Never thought about it this way ,about him I should say ..

      Hard to handle :/ but thanks I guess you could be right