Is it normal for a guy to go days without talking?

I've been seeing this guy for about five months, not officially though. Sometimes he will go three to five days (a week even) without texting or talking to me at all. But when we do see each other everything is perfect and he is really affectionate and loving and we have a good time.

This varies too, because sometimes we see each other three times a week and he will text me a lot.

Is this normal or should I be sketched?


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  • there is a possiblity that he's seeing other women.

    you're not officially dating and he talks to you sporadically. there probably is another or several women he's dating.

    dont put all your eggs in this basket.

    keep your options open because he damn sure is


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  • It's very normal.

    Guys don't generally need to talk every day.

  • Yes its normal. But a bit rude.


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  • It really depends on the person. Lots of people just need their space. He may also just feel like he doesn't really have anything to talk about & would rather wait to it's better when you are together. Also, if you aren't officially boyfriend/girlfriend then this is totally normal.