Is he missing me? What can my next step be?

He broke up with me a month ago because I didn't give him space for his friends and family. Through out the month then first two weeks we kissed and hung out twice. We flirted still. Then after I told him I couldn't anymore because I still missed him and I knew he just wanted to be friends. So stopped texting after three days I gave in and texted him. I told him I wanted to start fresh start from day one and he said he did too but literally twenty seconds later he said " I don't want to be with you, I don't want to be with anyone" the next day we got into an argument for the stupidest thing and I ended up calling him a mother**** then I felt bad. I apologized and told him I cared about him a lot. "He replied saying he cared about me too and wanted to work things out but he didn't have anything to say to me" I apologized again and told him I would give him his space. He didn't text me for a week then he texted me saying "I just wanted to see how you were doing" we talked for about five minutes and then I didn't reply and the same the next day and yesterday he found out some girl was talking bad about me and it got him Really mad. I thanked him for caring then he said "well I'm going to sleep. Today was not a good day. Text me when you want to talk, goodnight" && all I said was " hope tomorrow goes better goodnight" we haven't talked since. Thing is I miss him like crazy and I want him back. Does he miss me? How can I know if he does. ? Will he text me?


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  • If he does miss you he will text or call. But from what it sounds like to me is he wants to be single but wants you in the friend zone. I say move on girl. There are tons of great guys out there. So go find one and start having fun again.

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