How do I know what he wants?

My ex boyfriend has been messaging me almost everyday for a month . This is 10 months after our break up. He thinks I have a boyfriend. he started messaging more after he thought I am dating. And he said he is dating too. He messages and reminds me of when we were dating and how he remembers the tiniest detail. And he asks for my photos sometimes. Also suggested meeting.But then didn't confirm plans to meet. Does he want to get back? If yed why won't he just say it? If not then why message everyday and be so flirty?


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  • Rather than guessing at his motives text him forcing him to make it explicitly clear what he wants. Unless you want us to guess, because that's fun too.

    • please guess. I don't wanna ask him.

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    • Does he wanna get back? I am still single. I still have feelings. can I get him back?

    • You may be able to. Thing is I can't tell you directly what he wants or where he is in life so if he is telling the truth he is dating someone and if even if he wants to get back at you that's drama you can afford to skip out on.

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  • By telling you that he is dating when he thinks you are dating says that he is one trying to make you jealous and that fact that he is reminding you of how thing were suggests that he is looking for something from you.

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