What do each of these kisses mean?

1. Kiss on the cheek

2. Kiss on the head

3. Kiss on the lips

4.Kiss on the hand



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  • 1. Depends on his area. Could be just a greeting or goodbye, or that he was afraid to kiss you on the lips.

    2. It is on of the safest ways to show affection through a kiss without it being sexual. It simply conveys that he is trying to show he cares for the woman. I have even kissed my wife this way when she was upset, and I didn't want her to think I was trying to be sexual. It could also be a guy that likes a girl and wasn't sure how she would handle a kiss on the lips.

    3. Could be sexual attraction, or just a sign of affection. Depends on the relationship between the guy and girl. Some kiss family members hello and goodbye this way, so it isn't always sexual.

    4. I know several women that have claimed they always wanted a guy to do that, so in essence he is pretending to be like prince Charming hoping to impress someone.


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  • 1) I was afraid to get your lips

    2) I was afraid to get your lips

    3) I wasn't afraid to get your lips

    4) I think I'm a gentleman

  • All of them except for a kiss on the mouth are contextual, it depends on just who is kissing you.


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  • If you and the guy have already made out and he kisses you on the forehead or cheek when you guys are just like snuggling or hanging out to me it's a way to show he cares and likes you with out trying to give the impression that he just wants sex. It's a cute jester!

  • 1. hello goodbye, I like you.

    2 You are a great pal, I will protect you

    3 I'm in love you

    4. Prince charming